Be Flat and Shiny

I learned something new today!

I do feel that a day is better if I learn something new rather than have a belief confirmed. Maybe I shouldn’t say confirmed. Maybe I mean reinforced.

Anyway, I love Charles Darwin. But somehow, in all the stories I’ve listened to about him, I missed the bit about this book–it’s got Darwin and photography. Two favorite things.

Brain Pickings mentions the power of combinational creativity.

my art

I combine my art and my writing. I want to make an animated film. I want to study brain science. So many things.

Too many of my students sit at their desks as if they aren’t interested in anything. Maybe they’re just not interested in anything I teach. They’ll even say they’re not creative, and then do everything in their power to prove it.

Some days I get tired of trying to engage them. Well, a couple of students spark and contribute to life in the classroom–but they end of dominating the classroom. That’s not good either. But in classes where the students stare at me with that look, that look of our-teacher-is-weird…no, wait. I don’t get that look anymore. These days they just get out their phones and gaze into that fascinating, responsive screen.

Maybe if I were flat and shiny.

In what ways does your creativity combine?

And what did you learn today?