Derby Girl Who?

Today I went to a rec league roller derby orientation.

Oh, the things I’m learning about roller derby.

Texas Rollergirls

In the whole of my life, I’ve never joined an organized sport. Well, there was that year I coached an intramural softball team. But that was because I was an RA and my floor wanted to participate. As the RA I had to be the coach–though I knew none of the rules and could only hit a ball if you threw it at my head.

My floor did happen to win the campus championship. Real softball players lived on my floor, and those girls were the real coaches. I made sure everyone knew the schedule and I cheered from the outfield. Yep. I’m an athlete!

Nonetheless, I’ve joined rec league derby.

And I’m rather freaked out about it.

But what are we doing if we aren’t trying new things?

A few years ago I started participating in NaNoWriMo and met great people. A while after that I tried an acting class. Another year I had my art in a high-brow art festival even though I was terrified and didn’t (and still don’t) really believe my art and me were up for it. But I sold things and had lovely conversations with people.

I got talked into being the “artist of honor” at a downtown special event dinner…yeah, that didn’t go well. Then there was that other art event that no one showed up for. No one. At least I’m well prepared for future book signings.

Still. Even though I’m over 40, I’ve signed-up for derby.

Nothing like hearing about all the gear you need for protection (helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knees guards–not to mention the skates) and the health insurance–just in case you break something.

If nothing else, this will be something to write about.

What new things are you trying this year?