Little Godlets

Just to be peevish I’m not going to mention his name and give him more links and google alerts, but I did read his article expressing his opinion about adults reading young adult literature.

Most likely he decided to bother the world with his opinion because he has a book to promote–if I’m being cynical about it. Maybe he’s trying to make the world a better place? Well, a better place for him. Look! I should move through the world without being annoyed by what someone else is doing!

If the Internet has committed any sin, it has revealed too many little gods. Little godlets stomping their feet at the rest of us.

Godlets believe they can judge entire lives in a moment. I’m speeding because I’m late to work. You’re speeding because you’re irresponsible.

Having this power, godlets are able to discern the lack of value in entire groups. That’s why one might be frustrated by seeing a guy reading a disapproved of book, but not even mention seeing a woman reading the same book, because the latter isn’t worth mentioning. And tween girls? Why do they exist if not for grown men to insult? Apparently.

I guess even godlets can’t get over junior high.

Read wide and far. Use labels as you might a billboard. Might tell you something interesting ahead, but it isn’t a GPS system, and even a GPS system has its limits.

Anytime we think we know what people should be reading and we think we know people from what they are reading, we need a sharp pin in our inflated godlet ego.

Granted, I’d be quick to judge someone who ate only junk food. You must eat your vegetables! But the comparison between healthy eating and healthy reading is easy but limited. And I’m no doctor.

I’m a writer.

You should be reading my books, of course.


Do you ever feel judged for what you read? Are there books you judge others for reading? Met any godlets lately?

You can’t say that where I can hear you.

A friend apologized in a facebook post for her offensive language in a previous post that was about a certain Texas governor.

This friend is over 60. Perhaps she’s old enough to use whatever language she pleases.

But how much should we censor ourselves?

My friend isn’t a writer. She isn’t someone who needs to sell something or make fans.

But is there something that matters enough to you to lose readers over? Probably that sentiment is in your work, don’t you think?

Some people may not like you for opinions you didn’t even realize mattered. Admit your real feelings towards Harry Potter and who knows who will hate you.

Sometimes though, I resent the people I censor myself for–though that tends to be family. So many things I do not say around family, and it does drive me crazy. But I don’t want to be rude or cause a stir. And I do want to be respectful.

When and where do you censor yourself? How do you feel about it?

I love Harry Potter by the way.