Stories, art, and ALL THE OTHER THINGS!

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I have to admit a big fat fail.

Well, on the bright side, Story-a-Day May has introduced me to knew characters and their storylines. Yay!

But I have to focus elsewhere. My son hopes to qualify for Nationals in speed skating. He’s going to practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. (One of these days I’ll write a story about a roller rink.) He has a good chance to qualify for Nationals, but paying for it is a whole ‘nother thing. Anyway, I’ve got to work on earning a few more quid. I can’t work more hours at my day job, but I can make things, and some of you know I love to make things! But making things takes time and energy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you understand. (Unless you’re rolling in money…are you rolling in money? Because that’s weird.) So, I have art for sale over here on my art website. Woo!

Summer Art Sale 2016 red flower  copy.jpg

If you’re interested or can share the site, FANTASTIOSA! I’m still going to write, but not daily. I can’t story a day this May. Because I also have an art show coming up in June, so I’m trying to sell art and have art for the show. Yeah… And I’ve got a class this summer that I’ve not before, and the textbooks changed in other classes making most of my previous lesson plans useless. There are things. Like everywhere else, there are a lot of things to get done. Amiright?

I’m just going to do what I can. These stories aren’t going to leave me regardless. In the meantime, I’ll be making art like a loon.

Thanks for reading!

You can’t say that where I can hear you.

A friend apologized in a facebook post for her offensive language in a previous post that was about a certain Texas governor.

This friend is over 60. Perhaps she’s old enough to use whatever language she pleases.

But how much should we censor ourselves?

My friend isn’t a writer. She isn’t someone who needs to sell something or make fans.

But is there something that matters enough to you to lose readers over? Probably that sentiment is in your work, don’t you think?

Some people may not like you for opinions you didn’t even realize mattered. Admit your real feelings towards Harry Potter and who knows who will hate you.

Sometimes though, I resent the people I censor myself for–though that tends to be family. So many things I do not say around family, and it does drive me crazy. But I don’t want to be rude or cause a stir. And I do want to be respectful.

When and where do you censor yourself? How do you feel about it?

I love Harry Potter by the way.