Not convinced.

I’ve wanted to make an animated film. I don’t have super-duper software or equipment, so my efforts are a bit low-rent. I’m using what comes with the mac and my cheap camera.

As an experiment I made a film of me making a picture. Nothing fancy–just a simple picture. After I finally got all the pictures dowmlaoded and edited, I realized I couldn’t simply add music. One–I don’t want to be sued, so I’d need permission and I’d have to pay something. Two–I don’t know how to edit music to fit a film. Sure, I can move a music file over into my iMovie, but how to get the rhythm to match the art?

A bit beyond me.

Then I thought I’d at least share my amateur efforts…well, facebook was being very difficult about it and wordpress wants me to upgrade to post video.

Anyway, have you ever worked with iMovie or animation before? Any suggestions?

And in the meantime, here is the link to video. It’s just a little something.

Thank you.