What does anyone really want to know?

I write things and I want people to read them. If they locked me up and threw away the key, I’d finally have all the writing time I wanted. In the meantime, in these days of freedom–if that’s what they are–I’ll write when I can. Keeps me sane.

my secret storyteller

Look, I’ve had a little bit of art here in a magazine that seems to have gone under. I’ve had one story and a piece of art to go with it published here–a place that is still sharing stories. Go read lots of them!

I was featured on very nifty blog here–starting to read things there is like disappearing down a rabbit hole for a week. So much to discover!

One time an NPR blog was nice enough to pick my anecdote about my love of Dorothy Gale. Not an official publishing credit, but I was happy nonetheless.

Twice my art was in Art City Austin. That was a tremendous experience, but cost me more money to be in than I could ever make. I mean, look at my art! It’s cute and all, but it isn’t going to sell for big bucks. And I can’t afford to get into art shows for my vanity.

Oh, and I was lucky enough once to have my art used for the cover of a musician’s CD. The musician was John Zainea and the Mania, and he found me through the magic of the Internet and asked if I could use his lyrics to make art specifically for him. Well, of course! The designer did a great job using my work throughout the CD insert and even on the CD itself.

I’ve been in a few other low key (read inexpensive) shows–another is coming in January and I’m not ready for it at all.

That’s the online me. Welcome.

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  1. Hi Mapelba (I know that’s not actually your name, but I love it!!)
    I have just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Hope it brings heaps of lovely readers to the wonderful little world of you over here on The Fairy Asylum 🙂 Enjoy!

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