May is over. Stories are not.


Story-a-Day May 2017 says goodbye, but the stories remain. So, now what? I want to keep writing and I want to be read. The publishing part sometimes feels as realistic as winning the lottery on the same as discovering the wardrobe into Narnia.

Other than posting these story efforts, I haven’t really been blogging. Maybe I should just officially stop all together and work on my newsletter. Or scrap the newsletter? Self-publish or find an agent? Self-publish or keep sending stories out to journals?

One minute I’m confident in what to do. The next I’m overwhelmed. In any event, I think I’m going to delete a lot of things.

I’m trying to add the newsletter sign up to this page. I know some people hate newsletter. Who needs more email, right? But some people never read blogs. Ultimately, I have to figure out what works for the stories.

My currently published novel is here. My art is here.

Thanks for reading.


6 responses to “May is over. Stories are not.

  1. Personally, I love a newsletter, and one with links to related blogposts is even better; it gives me instant access to what I might have missed in the terribly separate feeds I have going.

    • I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to add the newsletter signup to this blog. But I’m failing.

      I actually quite like making a newsletter too.

  2. I’ve used mailchimp for newsletters before and it’s pretty good (there is a free version).
    I love the illustration from this post 🙂
    Publishing is tough. I am leaning more towards self-publishing because I want to be more in control of what I write (rather than have publishers tell me what they want), though the tough is that I’d had to do a lot of my own marketing.


    • Thank you reading and for commenting on my art! I actually now have a mail chimp newsletter, but I seem incapable of adding the sign-up page to my blog. I can not figure out what I’m doing wrong.

      There are aspects of self-publishing that appeal, but I really want to work with an editor. Of course, one I can trust and who can help me make my work stronger. I paid someone to help me with my first book, and while his help was invaluable in some ways, I have not even made half of what I spent back. But if you have someone who can give you great feedback, then go for it, I say. Although I hear you on the marketing. I think that is tough no matter which path you take. Good luck!

      • Hmm… I wonder if you can set up a google form, which can compile a list of email addresses. But I don’t know if you can incorporate that into WordPress. Maybe you can add a “contact” page on wordpress where people can fill in their email, but then you’ll have to manually compile a list. Not quite sure what’s the best way!

        I haven’t hired an editor yet but I heard that it can be expensive (thousands of dollars?!) For now I want to focus on the quality of my writing and figure out publishing sometime in the future. I will have to think of the editor as an investment… How useful was your editor? Did you end up using his/her suggestions?

        I am following your blog and looking forward to more posts =)

  3. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so conflicted right now. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing over the past month and hope to continue by whichever methods you choose. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

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