A Compendium of Lesser-Known Time Travelers and Other Terrors


Story-a-Day comes ever closer! I’ve taken a few notes already. Even last night while at a live music event, I jotted some notes down. One of the songs gave me an idea.

So, the long title of this May’s collection: Time Travelers, Witches, and Saints: A Compendium of Lesser-Known Time Travelers and Other Terrors. Sometimes I love a long title, especially for a short story collection.

I don’t have enough ideas to get me through the month, but hopefully my imagination and desperation won’t let me down.

See you on the 1st! Happy writing!


My first novel is here.

My art is here. Thanks again, and feel free to share.

Story-a-Day May is coming!


Story-a-Day May is coming! I’d forgotten that I gave up last year. I must have blocked that out.

Well, I’m going to try again. And this time, I have ideas. I prefer to think of each year as a collection of stories with a kind of theme. So, this year the theme is time travel, and I want my time travelers to be somewhat unexpected. Meaning characters who don’t often get to time travel in stories. Or at least, not the stories I’ve read and know about.

Every story might not deal with time, but an overarching theme usually helps me come up with ideas. I’ve been tossing around ideas for a title for this year’s series of stories. We’ll see what I end up with once the month begins.

I’m excited for the stories to begin!

Who’s with me?