Story-a-Day May Snippet

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I spent a long time today working on one scene for the novel in progress, and now that I really need to rest my weary head, I don’t want to share. Well, I want to share a little because I’m obsessive like that, but I’m only posting a few unedited lines.

Thanks for reading!

Deva leaned her head against the car window. She had the paintbrush. She could change things and she could talk to the dead. Why should she be afraid of her mother anymore?

Linnie took the next few turns too hard. “It’s great, actually. Mom won’t yell at me near as much if you’re around.”

“Promise me something,” Deva said. A terrible thought had come to her as she watched Linnie navigate the Ford Taurus through the early morning streets.

“Unending alibis for late night adventures and ghost rendezvous?”

“Sure, that. And that you won’t die.”

Linnie blinked and drove too fast into the apartment complex parking lot. “Not until I’m 97. How’s that?”

“I guess it will have to do.”


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