A Story-a-Day Moment

2013-08-20 12.57.29

I am not home. But I jotted down a short scene this afternoon before I packed and headed out of town. It’s not much, but I wrote something! I don’t know what will happen tomorrow since I’ve got to spend all day at a skate competition. Well, I’ll at least think about writing.

Deva dreamed of the dead that night. She woke with her sheet wound around her and her pillow on the floor. After staring at her ceiling a good while, she called Linnie.

It was 3 in the morning.

Linnie’s brother cussed when he answered the phone, but he got off the sofa to pull his sister out of bed.

“Dev, what the hell?” Linnie asked, her voice thick with sleep.

“Can you borrow your mom’s car?” Deva asked.

“Seriously? Why don’t you borrow your mom’s car for a change?” She paused. “Oh never mind. I know. Fine. When?”

“Like now.”

Linnie didn’t reply immediately. “What’s going on, Dev? What can’t wait til sunrise?”

“My sanity.”

“Oh that. And what does your sanity need in the middle of the night?”

Deva took a deep breath. Her dream had been clear, but the more time passed, the foggier it seemed. By daylight, the entire dream would be gone. She was as certain of that as she was of anything. “The Red Moon.”

Thanks for reading!


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