Story-a-Day…or Plotting?

trying notecards

trying notecards

Yesterday after I got home from work, I wrote on notecards one-sentence summaries of each scene in my work-in-progress. I jotted down the date of each, too. I’m following a method a friend of mine directed me to here. It took my entire evening, and I didn’t write anything new yesterday. I hate missing another day, but I am glad to have these cards done. And it was writing…of a sort.

When I was an elementary school girl, I used to wish for different parents. I’d day dream about a car pulling up to the school and two wonderful adults getting out to announce they were my real parents, they’d been searching for me all this time, and now they were going to fix everything!

One time when my mother was angry with me, she said (okay, maybe she shouted) that I couldn’t wait from someone else to come along and fix things. I had to do the hard work myself.

Sometimes I still wish that the Magical Someone from the Mystical Land of Everything Works Out is going to waltz in, look at my manuscript, take one look at my manuscript, and say, “Ah-ha! This is what you to do. Right here!” This Magical Someone will know which scenes work and what scenes to add. Then before leaving, this Magical Someone will write my synopsis and cover letter while I take a nap.

Sigh. I think I hear my mother yelling at me…

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Story-a-Day…or Plotting?

  1. If that Someone ever shows up, please send them to my place afterwards– maybe they can show me how to make a band website that works, but isn’t fakey-looking.

    Anyway, I say, that snippet of life above was a story, too, and it counts.

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