Damn. Missed a Day. Story-a-Day, people!

my art

my art

Yesterday, I felt crummy. I had time to write, but I watched TV instead. So, this evening I’m trying to get back into my writing groove (such as it were).

So, I’m changing a few lines here and there in my manuscript, but I’ve got only a tiny piece of a new scene. It’s definitely in progress.

Thanks for reading!

Valentine’s Day fell on a Monday. A few teachers decorated their rooms in hearts and quotes about love—All you need is love! Love makes the world go round! Love is a many splendored thing!

After history class, Deva darted to her locker but came up short when she reached it. A corner of a red envelope peeked out of the locker’s side. She looked up and down the hall. No furtive glance revealed itself. If it was a joke, the prankster hid well.

With a sigh, she yanked the locker open and caught the envelope as it fell free. Her name was hand printed neatly on the front. She recognized Liam’s handwriting. She took a deep breath, and she knew he was watching even if she didn’t know from where.

Sweet Liam. The memory of his kiss stirred her insides. His hand on her hip had been promising. Deva stared at the envelope. She was going to be late to class if she didn’t hurry. Two quick movements and the card rested in the palm of her hand in four torn pieces. She tossed them into her locker. She would have left them on the floor, but she knew better than to leave a scrap of her personal life where anyone could pick it up.


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