Almost missed it–Story-a-Day May today!


I didn’t expect to write this today. But hey, that’s how I do most of my writing. So, here’s a new scene for my WIP. I haven’t even checked it for typos, so I’m sure it will change before all is said and done. But at least I wrote something!

Deva opened a carton of apples and began to place them in the produce bin. Halloween was coming, and the Sunlight had been well stocked of apples, pumpkins, and candy. She’d asked Becker if she could work Halloween. She had no wish to dress and go downtown again or handout candy at home. It would be fine with her to forget about holidays all together with her dad to celebrate them.

Lost in memories of her father, Deva didn’t notice a customer waiting for her attention. “Oh,” she said, looking up. “Sorry. May I…” She recognized the old woman. “You. I talked to you last year at the Halloween Festival.”

The woman looked exactly the same. She wore the same dress. Her white hair was piled under a witch’s hat. “I am happy to see you again,” the woman said. “Though I’m disappointed you aren’t downtown. Look at you. It’s Halloween and you’re in jeans. That’s not worthy of your ancestry, my dear.”

“My ancestry? Who the hell are you?”

The woman smiled. It was a strange smile, containing secrets and unpredictable things. “You’ve a gift, and you’re hiding it away.”

Deva looked at her hands as if this gift were there. She realized she was holding an apple. “I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m sorry about your father. He was a good man. I warned him. I did.”

The apple felt heavy and cold in her hand, and the chill spread up her arm and through to her heart. “You knew my dad? What did you warn him about?”

“Hey, Dev!” came Becker’s voice from the next aisle. “Are you busy?”

The woman glanced in the direction of Becker’s voice. “He’ll watch over you, but you could watch over yourself if you would just use your power. Don’t be afraid of it.”

Deva, thoroughly confused, looked at the woman wile she tried to figure out which question she should demand an answer to, even though the woman seemed determined not to answer anything. She turned her head to shout back at Becker. “Give me a minute!” She looked back and the woman was gone.

Becker walked around the corner. “What’s going on?” he asked, looking alarmed. “Who are you talking to?”

“Didn’t you see her?” Deva walked away from the apple bin and looked around the department. There were no customers in sight and the front doors hadn’t opened in a while. She’d have heard the bell that always sounded when someone came in. “I…”

“You okay?” Becker had been especially attentive since her father’s death. Every lost thread of conversation, every downward glance, made him ask her how she was.

Deva started to set the apple in the bin, but she hesitated. “Yeah, I’m fine. Can I have this apple?”

“Yeah, of course. Are you sure you want to be working tonight?”

She nodded. “I’m going to step outside for a minute. I just want to…”


“See the moon. That’s all. Okay?”

Becker frowned, but he nodded. “Do what you need to do, Dev.”

“I guess I need to use my power,” she mumbled, walking away.

Becker watched her go, and he waited until the automatic doors slid shut behind her to say anything. “I’ve always thought so,” he said.


2 responses to “Almost missed it–Story-a-Day May today!

  1. I love it, now I can relate to Deva on a whole new level: the underachiever witch, with everyone else knowing how much better she could be doing if only she tried. Haha! It’s how to try, that is the hard part.

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