Story-a-Day, people!


I spent my evening staring at my WIP. Here’s a scene I worked on. A couple days ago, I posted another scene from this WIP. That scene actually takes place after this one and features the sister of the main character here. And that’s it for now!

Deva sat alone at lunch. Linnie had stayed home again to nurse her mother, and Piper had forgotten a notebook in her locker. Piper was supposed to be gone only for a few minutes.

The spring afternoon lit up the courtyard, and almost every outdoor seat was taken. Deva sat with a folder open on a bench outside the cafeteria, looking at a list of vocabulary words for English class. A shadow over her papers got her attention. “Hey, Pi,” she said without looking up. “You going to eat your apple?”

She jumped at the voice that answered. “I’ll get you an apple if you want one, Snow White.”

She was afraid to look up. Afraid at what it meant to see Hutton Redge looking back at her. “That’s okay,” she said. The list of words she needed to study twisted on the page. “I’m not that hungry.”

“You think you’ll be hungry Friday?”

The letters she stared at looked like dropped threads looped along the paper’s blue lines. Or like ropes tightening around themselves. “I doubt it.”

“Come on, Martin. At least look at a guy if you’re turning him down.”

She forced herself to meet his gaze. “I didn’t think you were requesting anything.”

“You like things spelled out?”

Piper was walking up, but she slowed her pace at the sight of Hutton talking to her friend. “I like to be clear about things, that’s all,” Deva said.

“I like a girl who wants things direct. So, to be clear, I’m asking you out for dinner Friday night.”

“You? You? Asking me?” She looked around to see if any students were watching them and laughing.

“Couldn’t be clearer if I was glass.”

“But you’re not glass, are you?”

He grinned. “Flesh and blood, baby.”

She rolled her eyes. “Did my mother put you up to this?” That was the only explanation. Her mother prayed for her to date a boy like Hutton.

He sat down on the bench. Several feet away, Piper pretended to be looking for something in her notebook.

“Mothers don’t put me up to things. What kind of question is that?” he asked.

“A clear one,” she said. If not her mother, someone had to have put him up to this.

“You don’t need your mother to get you a date.”

“You barely ever say hello to me. Why would you waltz over here and ask me out?”

“I didn’t waltz. I’m not some pansy.” He winked.

“Pansy?” God, she hated him. “Give me a break.”

“Okay. I was sitting over there watching you, and thinking how hot you looked studying like you care. A bit skinny, but I can always spot potential. That clear enough for you?”

“All too clear. Now go away.” All the reasons she could think of for his interest made no sense. She wasn’t in his group. He had nothing to gain by being seen with her. This fact didn’t make her feel bad. She just understood how popularity worked. Her sister Claire was well versed in popularity. Claire was no doubt destined for a boy like Hutton.

“But I’m asking you out,” he said.

“Leave me alone.” At school, she kept her head down and did her own thing, and usually that worked to keep boys away. Romance had no point. It didn’t do her parents any good.

“Playing hard to get? Cause I’m up for it,” he said.

“I’m not playing. All right?”

He chuckled. “See you tomorrow, Martin.”



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