Story-a-Day May will not be stopped.


Every time I take this challenge on, I’m certain I can’t get it done. Twenty-days left…oh boy.

Anyway, here’s a Fairy Tale Ayslum side story.

The woman wished for a child, and she read everything she could, hoping for magic. Perhaps faeries, perhaps someone more real, learned of her wish. Whoever the good soul was decided to make the woman’s wish come true.

At sunrise the woman, thinking she heard something strange, opened the front door. At her feet, asleep and wrapped in a pastel blue blanket, was a baby.

Her heart soared. All of her talismans and charms and prayers and wishes had worked! The morning sun broke over the world, and the woman scooped the baby up from his basket and held him close.

He, she was certain, would be a prince among men.

But as the afternoon wore on, the woman noticed things. The baby didn’t coo like she imagined. His skin wasn’t porcelain like hers. His eyes were the color of ordinary coffee. The more she watched him crawl around her floor, the more common he seemed. He didn’t seem magical at all. And she realized she had no diapers, no formula, and no crib.

The woman tried a list of princely names, but he didn’t answer to a one. She put him on her hip, but he didn’t smell of roses or sweets. He grabbed at her hair.

There had to be a mistake. They’d brought her the wrong baby.

Well, no one could be expected to keep a baby clearly meant for someone else. She stared out her window and a panic bloomed in her mind. That someone else might have her baby, her special baby, and such an ordinary someone couldn’t be counted on to give back a princely child any more that a pauper could be expected to turn in a goodly sum found on the road.

How could fate have allowed this to happen?

The woman carried the baby to the road and began to walk. Inferior people might have her child, but she wouldn’t be tricked into caring for their unfortunate wretch. She was too smart for that. She had her pride.

She walked the back roads. It wouldn’t do for anyone to see her with this baby in her arms. She walked over the bridge. She walked five miles, and the baby began to fuss. Monstrous, she thought. How could they have thought this was her baby?

Just when she was certain she could go no further, she reached the gates. They were open. Exhausted, she reached the front doors of her destination. She knocked.

A nurse opened the door, and without a word, she took the baby from the woman’s arms. “They got it all wrong,” the woman said.

The nurse nodded.

“Do you know where my baby is? Who has my little prince?”

The nurse smiled. “You can be on your way.”

“But it’s not fair,” the woman said. “I’ve waited so long!”

“And yet you’re willing to wait all over again,” the nurse said, and she shut the asylum doors.


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