Story-a-Day the Fifth


A bit of backstory for characters who appear in two other manuscripts in progress, Drowning Karma and Sunlight and Mercie.

No matter how many drownings occurred, young people continued to swim in the lake. After all, the dead had only themselves to blame. You couldn’t die if you didn’t make a mistake. That’s what the teens told themselves, and they had no reason to doubt their faith in their own abilities.

Cora and her sister Yvonne saw an opportunity.

The lake never called to them. They appreciated its beauty and the way it reflected the sky, but no matter the heat of the day, they remained content to stay on the shore. Perhaps it was because they were orphans and had long fended for themselves, but the girls knew another day of life wasn’t guaranteed.

They also never hesitated to take advantage of foolishness.

First, the sisters sold charms. With their questionable background, they easily convinced the teens and some parents that they possessed secret knowledge and power. People who wanted to swim in the lake, paid for amulets to wear around their necks. And since they didn’t drown, more amulets sold. Soon after, the girls were selling love potions and spells for revenge.

Their foster mother considered scolding them. Witchcraft was a sin, and she was responsible for their souls. But with their cool looks and confidence, the sisters frightened her just enough to still her voice. Their foster mother pretended not to know how they earned spending money. The girls had such few options, their foster mother reasoned, who was she to interfere?

It was only a matter of time before Cora and Yvonne’s activities reached the ears of Sunny Mayhew. And Sunny didn’t care for competition.

Aurgh! I’m also working on rewrites, so my thoughts are scattered. But at least I’ve gotten some writing done today.

Oh. And I figure I ought to include a link to my first novel, The Blue Jar. ‘Tis available these days as an ebook.

Thanks for reading!


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