Day 21 with a headache


I’m distracted, but I forced myself to write something. Can’t wait to go back and fix the mess I’m making!

Oh. And this scene references a scene from last year.

Thanks for reading.


Hannah wondered what she had gotten herself into. That moment a couple hours earlier when she’d been standing on the Asylum wall seemed so long ago.

She then remembered the boy on the roof. He’d slipped from her mind. A boy had been on the roof and seemed to disappear. What had happened to him?

“Hey,” Hannah called out. She hated not knowing the old woman’s name. “Um, hey.”

The old woman turned around. “Yes?”

“Can’t you give me a name? I don’t want to say hey you.”

“Make up a name then. What’s your real question?” The old woman waited expectantly.

“I saw a boy on the roof earlier. When I first got in. Do you know anything about him?”

Meredith stopped walking and looked back at them.

The old woman sighed. “The birds.”

“The birds?”

“They take the children when they can. They get them out.” The old woman started walking again. “Hurry up now. We don’t have time to talk about birds and their children.”

They were outside the building now, walking across the grass. Hannah looked up at the night sky. “I don’t understand.”

“I mean walk faster.”

“No. I meant about the birds.”

The old woman shook her head. “Don’t worry. Chances are good you’ll understand before the night is over.”


2 responses to “Day 21 with a headache

  1. You are really putting off the name decision, aren’t you? 🙂 And… THE BIRDS. Looking forward to further development of that angle!

    P.S. (whispering) Typo (maybe): “Do worry” -> “Don’t worry”?

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