Day Twenty! Another Day!


I’m also working on an art project that I’m very excited about. And a magazine project for a friend that is also fun. But I will keep writing! Because what else do I want to do? Not much.

Thanks again for reading.


Tommy woke, scared of the darkness and weight over him. He kicked and swung out his arms. But his arms struck the sides of his confined space. He jerked, and hit his head on the floor.

The flailing of his arms pulled the blanket away from his face. He was looking at the roof of a truck. It made no sense. He sat up. He hurt. His chest felt as if it had been kicked.

He rubbed his eyes and remembered that he had been kicked in the chest. He’d been kicked all over.

What was he doing in the back of a truck? The guards? Were they taking him somewhere? The fear in his gut swelled. They were going to take him somewhere and dump him. Bury him alive. His family would never know what had happened to him.

Using the back of the front seat as leverage, he pulled himself further up. The truck door hung open. Tommy looked out into the dark. He looked around the inside of the cab. Why would they leave him with the door open? Did they think he was dead?

Tommy climbed into the front seat. No one was anywhere to be seen. He sat in the driver’s seat. He put both arms across the steering wheel and leaned forward to look up through the windshield at the night sky.

The stars gleamed sharply. His head ached. He sat back and took in his surroundings. The keys dangled in the ignition, and Tommy wasn’t sure if he should be happy or alarmed. He could leave. He could drive home.

But it made no sense that security guards would leave a truck unattended with the door open, the headlights on, and the keys for the taking.

Cautiously, he closed the truck door. He waited a second, until he was sure nothing was going to happen. He turned the key.

The truck came to life. Hannah finally came to mind, and Nate. Maybe he should try to find them. He shook his head. He couldn’t do anything without help. All this was Hannah’s idea anyway. He had no interest in the Asylum. What was the point in learning secrets? As the gash over his left eye proved, knowing secrets brought only trouble.

Tommy put the truck into gear. Leaving Hannah wasn’t really an option. He’d help her, but he couldn’t do it alone. The truck rolled forward. The headlights revealed a dark wide stain in the dirt road. He took no note of it. Nor did he give any thought to the wide-open gate as he drove away from the Asylum determined to find help.


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