Day 18…

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I was going to write just a description of our location, but I ended up throwing our characters in at the end. I’m starting to get a sense of how I’m going to have to patch this story together, but in the meantime, here’s the mess!

Thanks for reading!


A thick wood and a high wall surrounded the Asylum grounds. Few photographs of the building existed in the outside world, and those photographs were suspect. All cameras except for one were prohibited on the property. That one camera stayed in the admitting office. A photograph went into each patient’s file.

A series of three gates greeted Asylum visitors of which there were few. Passing through the gates wasn’t impossible. On a sunny afternoon, passing through the gates didn’t feel difficult, especially if the Asylum expected you and judged you harmless.

The back road onto the grounds possessed one gate. This was the gate most people used. Staff and delivery trucks came through the back gate. On occasions when patients needed admittance, they were brought through the back gate. The Night Ambulance came through the back gate. When the Night Ambulance passed by, everything fell silent.

Aside from the main building, its narrow windows staring over the woods, there were other smaller buildings. Most people didn’t think of them. But there was a building for the groundskeeper, lawnmowers and tools. There was a building for old equipment, broken beds, and crates of forgotten things. And there was one building for propane tanks, generators, and other emergency items. Almost no one ever considered that building, not far from the back gate and fairly nondescript.

Meredith knew about the building. She knew what the tanks and barrels contained.
She also, thanks to her own parents, knew something about how to start a fire.

“If you want to ultra secret files,” she said to Hannah and the old woman, “I can show you where they’re kept. No one would expect us to go there.”

“All right,” Hannah said. “I suppose I can trust you.”

The old woman looked less sure, but she nodded.

Meredith smiled. “I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.”


4 responses to “Day 18…

  1. I like it! (And from a writing perspective, I’ve always liked the opportunities to start a new section/chapter with a paragraph about the setting.)

    Just out of curiosity… Is the art you’ve been using on your Asylum posts art which you’ve created specifically for them? It does contribute to a certain sensation — a reminder (as if there were any doubt!) that what I’m about to read doesn’t come from anyplace like the “real” world!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, JES. As for the images, I haven’t made anything specifically for the story. They’re images I have, and I scroll through them and pick one to use. Often I think the connection between the image and the story is fairly thin, but I like the mood or feel of the image anyway.

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