Day 17!


I think I forgot to write yesterday. Or I got the date wrong. I’m not sure, but oh well. I blame Tamoxifen. It fuzzes the brain.

So, I read over parts of the story from last year to remind me of other characters in the story. Things are happening, after all, outside the Asylum too. Here is a bit continuing this part of the story.

Thanks again for reading.


Seeing no one else around, Hasher knelt over the boy’s still form. To his relief, the boy was breathing even though each breath caught and shuddered. Closer now, Hasher could see bruises on the boy’s face and stains on the boy’s shirt.

“Hey, kid,” Hasher said and nudged the boy’s shoulder.

The boy winced but didn’t open his eyes. Hasher didn’t know what to do. Anywhere else, he’d immediately scoop the boy up into his truck and get him straight to an emergency room. But they were on the Asylum grounds and normal choices didn’t make sense.

Then again, his night delivery wasn’t going normally anyway. For years, he made his deliveries in dark silence. Tonight’s lights and noises rattled him. If the boy were a patient, though he wasn’t dressed like one, Hasher knew he had to take him back to the Asylum. Taking a patient off the grounds was never done. He couldn’t explain why, but it was a rule everyone in town understood.

More likely, the boy was a local teen trespassing and stirring up trouble. “Bit off too much, didn’t you, kid?” Hasher said. He knew he should turn the boy over to Security. Not to would cost him his job or worse.

Hasher sighed. He gathered the boy up in his arms. At his truck, he placed the boy on the floor in the narrow space behind the front seats. He covered the teen with a heavy blue moving blanket. In good light, he might recognize the boy. Not that it mattered much. Hasher had enough bad dreams about his deliveries to the Asylum. He wasn’t about to hand over a breathing human being.

A scream came from over the trees somewhere from within the Asylum. Hasher backed up his truck. He knew his life was about to change. Maybe a lot of lives were about to change.


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