Day Twelve. Not exactly a failure.

I’ve written something, but it is late and I’ve got a huge day tomorrow. I don’t feel like posting what I wrote. It takes too long. But I’ll add to the scene tomorrow and post whatever I end up with.

On a side note, I’ve been considering some of the craziness I’ve read about on TV these days, most recently Penny Dreadful and Salem. And also Game of Thrones. You know, I can’t write anything that crazy. I feel like my stories are boring in comparison.


4 responses to “Day Twelve. Not exactly a failure.

  1. Sometimes the calendar can become an irrational dictator. Good for you for standing up to the tank.

    I think about the “not crazy enough” issue a lot. (About my own stuff, I mean.) It goes back decades — I once, yes ONCE, had a story rejected at a wonderful national magazine because, said the editor, it wasn’t “edgy enough.” That phrase will haunt me to the next life. It seems so bogus to just ladle some blood, violence, language, and insane sensibility over a storyline. Or, for that matter, to set out to write a storyline which includes those elements, when one doesn’t have a mind (and heart, and muse) which turns in that direction.

    • I can’t force myself to make things any edgier–if it’s edgy at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing something really “out there,” but then I read about some TV show or another, and I’m reminded how tame I must really be.

      I also think adding that stuff for the sake of adding that stuff doesn’t work. You won’t write it well and it will come across as wooden and false.

  2. No, your stories just have more realism within the mystical framework. Listen, I liked watching Supernatural, and Heroes; but like the shows you’ve mentioned, character development runs to the hysterical– people make dramatic declarations and commitments, then break them within the same episode. Melodrama, derived from a cartoon view of the world. It’s tasty, but it’s tasty like beef jerky– flavor derived from hepped up spice and salt, but not a lot of actual meat. I’m not putting down the jerky, but if that’s all there is to consume, it would be sad.

    • Sometimes I feel like I’m not realistic enough to be considered “proper literature” (I know. Whatever that means.) but not wildly enough to be…I don’t know even know the word. I’m probably not making myself clear, but I’m tired. As per usual.

      Thanks for commenting, EM.

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