Day Ten

girls underground

At 11:20 p.m. I realized I hadn’t written anything today. The day got away from me.

I did, however, get to see Mars, Jupiter (and its moons!), and Saturn (and its rings!)through a telescope.

And I’ve scribbled down something. It’s like I’ve become allergic to having enough time to write and I’m subconsciously waiting until the last minute.

Oh well. I wrote something. Too bad I don’t get to sleep late tomorrow.


Nate leaned against the door and took a deep breath. Hannah mystified him. Nothing he did impressed her. She’d hang out with him sometimes, sitting on the hood of his car, complaining about school or her parents, but his occasional attempts to put his arm around her had been met with a jab of her elbow.

Now she’d left him to be beaten and possibly stabbed. He didn’t doubt that the old woman who’d stood over him would have done him harm if not for Hannah. He’d do well to get the hell out of there.

He didn’t know where Tommy was. They’d been separated after the security guards beat them out on the front lawn. Nate had been in more than a few fights in his life, and he knew how to take a beating. It wasn’t likely that Tommy could say the same.

Nate applied more pressure to his upper arm with the palm of his hand. Hannah had cut him with her lockpick. He realized he’d surprised her, and she must have thought she was protecting himself, but he couldn’t believe she’d actually drawn blood.

What was she doing? Why had she left him and Tommy on the other side of the wall? She’d left them without looking back.

If he were smart, he’d do his best to get out of there and high tail it home. But he couldn’t bring himself to leave her. He’d find her again, and he’d save her from this place.

Then she’d appreciate him. Then she’d be impressed.


4 responses to “Day Ten

  1. What The Exploding One said. Thanks so much for doing this, no matter how whoops-last-second-afterthought-ish a given one might be!

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