Day Nine!

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It seems like everything is due at once. But I wrote another day.
Thanks for another day of reading.


Nate grew up a few houses down from Hannah. She played with him like she played with all the neighborhood kids, because he was there. He was always good to have on your team, any team. He ran fast, and he didn’t care about anyone’s size. He certainly didn’t care about getting into trouble. It’s why she’d asked him along on her plan in the first place.

He’d agreed of course. Nate never said no to a chance to show off his strength and his recklessness. Hannah, however, was never that impressed. She was practical when it came to devising a plan to sneak into the most heavily guarded place in town. But when she’d stood on the Asylum wall, she didn’t want him tagging along. He was supposed to go home. What fool thing had he done to end up and bloody mess in an Asylum hallway?

Hannah shook her head. She did have stupid friends.

Tommy came to mind. Where was he? He was more likely to do what she asked, but not likely to leave Nate on his own. At least, not when she was also around. Tommy knew more about the Asylum than most. His mother came to the Asylum every Christmas with a bag of clothes and games and books collected from around town. He was never allowed to go with her, but she talked about it sometimes. His mother was never sure any patients were given any of the donations, but she brought them every Christmas anyway. She’d been doing so since before she married Tommy’s dad.

Hannah realized she’d never asked Tommy’s mother why she cared. Maybe she too had a family member hidden away.

That she saw Nate and not Tommy nagged at Hannah. She’d asked Tommy because she trusted him. Because he’d side with her if Nate didn’t. Because he was always around. Tommy wouldn’t abandon anyone, not even Nate.

Nate would leave anyone.

“Girl,” the old woman said.

Hannah looked up. “What?” She wondered if the old woman really would have hurt Nate with her knife.

“You’re no good if you’re not focused,” the old woman said.

“I know,” Hannah replied. She pushed the boys from her mind. They were no good to her now. “I’m good. Don’t worry.”

The old woman smiled. “I don’t worry. I do.” She looked around the basement. “One of the first things I’m going to is gut this room.”

Meredith frowned. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean, when I’m in charge, everything’s going to change,” the old woman said. “Everything. Even you.”


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