Finally. Something for Day Six


Sometimes I have to step away from the main characters. Thanks again for reading.

People in town began to notice the light and the noise from the Asylum. Once people noticed, they stared and exchanged nervous glances with anyone nearby. No one remembered noise ever escaping the Asylum. No one remembered the grounds ever shining so bright. No one knew if they should call the police or pretend not to notice anything.

The doors Hannah and Meredith hadn’t unlocked were unlocked by other patients. Security, used to confronting only one or two patients at a time, discovered they held less power than they believed. Some patients ran away at the sight of them, remarkably clever at hiding. But the other patients ran straight at Security as soon as they saw them.

And the patients were good a fashioning weapons from found objects and random things. One guard lost his fight with three patients who realized the trash bin liners worked as well as rope. The guard had had a patient try to strangle him before back when he first started and failed to appreciate the wits of certain patients. But this time he was one against three, and they had rage on their side.

A few patients had other plans. A brother and sister, long kept in rooms far apart, embraced upon finding each other in the Asylum kitchen. They then crawled along the cabinets and left no container untouched. They stuffed themselves with every sweet they came across.

One young man stayed in his room indifferent to her wide open door and the chaos in the hall. He sat on the edge of his bed as if he were waiting for something or someone to come tell him what to do next.

A woman ran until the floor length mirror at the end of hall caught her attention. She sat down in front of the mirror as close as she could and pressed against it. At some point, when nothing in the mirror changed in spite of her efforts, she simply rammed her head into the mirror gleaming surface. One crack appeared.

No one witnessed how many times she struck the mirror before it shattered. She was able to lose a lot of blood before she stopped moving.

Nate ignored the rush of patients around him and they ignored him. He pounded on the basement door until his hand hurt. He shouted through the door until his voice went raw. The door didn’t even rattle when he pulled on it until his shoulder twinged. He put his eye to the crack between the door and its frame, but the door was too well made and too tightly sealed. He couldn’t see anything. Nor did he see the guard coming up behind him.


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