Day Five (Did Not Go As Planned)


Okay. Got these three characters together! My kiddo stayed home sick from school, so that derailed some of my plans. It was hard to get into a writing mood.

I realize continuity errors abound. All I can say is that I’m making this up as I go, and as the plot becomes clearer, I change things. When I’ve got this mess of a rough draft done, I shall go smooth all the crazy edges out. I hope.

As always, thank you for reading.

Nurse Meredith didn’t believe anyone would come down to the basement. No blueprints existed that included the room. No label or sign marked the door. No camera revealed its presence. Only a select few possessed a key. The patients were never told such a room existed or that any of their personal belongings were contained therein. Patients were told most the items were burned, except for a few things that could be used for bribes and blackmail as required.

“You,” was all she could manage to say at the sight of Hannah bursting into the room.

Hannah skidded to a stop. “Oh, hell.”

Meredith saw the old woman and leapt back. “Her? You brought her with you? Are you insane?”

Hannah glanced at the old woman who still held her knife down by her side. “I must be. I’m here, aren’t I?”

Meredith took a syringe out of her pocket. “She’d be happy to kill us both.”

“I would indeed,” the old woman said. “Or you, anyway.” She snarled at the nurse. “You and your needles and orders. Why should you fear dying? You’ve been dead for years.”

Meredith flushed. “How dare you? You’re nothing but a…” She couldn’t think fast enough for an insult. “A canker sore on humanity. Everything you’ve done… You’ve no right to speak to me that way.”

The old woman laughed. “A canker sore holds more life than you. Every time you stick us with your needles, more of you drains away.”

“You’re a danger to society,” Meredith said. She hated the patients. They never took responsibility for their actions and they never listened. It was their own fault they needed drugs to keep them in line. And as always she was being blamed. She was blamed for everything.

“Any woman’s a danger who lives her life as she sees fit. Don’t think you wouldn’t be on the other end of that needle if you dared do the same.” The old woman looked around the basement room. “So, this is the almighty basement where you people lock away our property.”

Meredith looked from the old woman to Hannah. The girl looked confused and unsure. While Meredith didn’t trust the old woman for a moment, it didn’t appear as if she were immediately dangerous. Meredith resolved to wait for the right time to use her needle. “I do live my life as I see fit.”

The old woman snorted and approached the nearest locker.

“And you have no right to wander around in here,” Meredith went on. “Neither of you are allowed.”

“It’s good I don’t rely on you for my right to do what I please.” The old woman stood in front of the locker. “Oh, look. The lock’s been picked already.” She smiled at Hannah and winked. “And that, you fool girl, is why I haven’t killed you yet.”


One response to “Day Five (Did Not Go As Planned)

  1. Re: planned– well, I think that that means you’re on the right track. Let the characters bring a plot into focus. It will come together (and it hangs nicely anyway), and as we say in the movies– we’ll fix it in post.

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