A Brief Aside

the moon

I’ve not written today yet. But yesterday it was brought to my attention that someone else has a website called, ta-dah!, The Fairy Tale Asylum.


So, I’m pondering another name. Not sure if I’ll just flip this around to The Asylum of Fairy Tales or come up with something different. Keep the phrase Fairy Tale? I think it definitely needs to keep the word Asylum.

All right. I’ve got to go write something in the meantime.


8 responses to “A Brief Aside

  1. Oi indeed. What so-called “friend” would have been so unkind as to share THAT information with you?!?

    Will let you know if anything occurs to me. “Fairy Tale Asylum” will be hard to top, but maybe there’s something reasonably good. (Writing advice I once heard, of the “kill your darlings” sort: No one will ever know or care about all the good stuff you left out. I guess the same thing goes for all the good titles we decide not to use!)

    • Like JES says below, I thought it had a 2009 date. But it is photography, not fiction, so I was hoping it wouldn’t matter.

      And I googled the name before I decided on it back in 2010. Her site didn’t come up.

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