Writing at the Last Minute

Day Two of Story-a-Day May! I’ve spent most of the day getting ready for tomorrow.


This Saturday I’ll be at an art festival. I’ll have art, copies of the children’s books I illustrated, and copies of my novel. But today I’ve had to run several errands and get things ready. I didn’t start writing until ten p.m. So, that’s my excuse.

Anyway, today I’m picking up Nurse Meredith’s storyline. Last year she was with Hannah for a brief time, and they set free several Asylum inmates. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow since I’ll be at the festival all day. We’ll see!

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Meredith cursed when she realized she’d lost the girl although she wasn’t surprised. The building was in chaos.

Meredith hid in the bathroom off of the admittance office. The bathroom ostensibly was for visitors, but visitors never stayed long enough to need a bathroom, or they were discouraged from doing so. Security would take a while to think of it as a possible hiding place.

She found specks of blood on her hands and arms. She rinsed off in the sink. Staying in the bathroom for long made no sense. Security would eventually come to it. She shook her hands dry. Security wasn’t what it used to be. Meredith blamed cutbacks. All the same, only a fool trifled with Security.

For the first time in a while, Meredith thought of the boys that had come to the door earlier. Maybe that’s why Security had been slow to lock down the building. What had Security done to those boys? Those boys and Hannah’s appearance were no coincidence.

Meredith checked her reflection in the mirror over the sink. The girl could be anywhere. With patients and Security running every which way, the girl could even be dead. But those boys could be only in one of two places. Of those two places, just one held any hope the boys were in any condition to talk to.

Something hit the floor overhead. Meredith glanced at the ceiling. She should set fire to the place and be done with it. Burning down the Asylum and everyone in it remained the most likely way to assure her own survival. If, however, Hannah had set things in motion, if change loomed, Meredith wanted to see if running was the best choice. So much power rested hidden in secret rooms, it would be shame to lose it all. What did she have to make her way out into the world?

The world. The idea of it distracted her from the noises and shouts coming from the surrounding rooms. A long time had passed since she’d been out in the world. What would it be like to walk its sidewalks again? And Meredith remembered something she hadn’t thought of in years, something she used to do before she’d taken the job at the Asylum. What would it be like now, to sit at a café, a book in hand, watching the steam curl up from a cup of coffee? She’d like to do that again. In that moment, her hand on the door handle, all she wanted in the world was a spring day at a sidewalk café.

All she had to do was break the hold the Asylum had on her.

All she had to do was burn the Asylum to the ground.


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