May 30th. Resistant.

at my aunt's

I wasn’t sure I could write anything, but I’m too close to the end of the month to give up now.

They said the Asylum was built long before the town. They said the town built the Asylum. They said a lot of things.

But no living soul in town remembered a time without the Asylum. Its shadows and lights shimmered at the edge of town for as long as anyone could remember, and few townspeople wanted to acknowledge it. They didn’t speak of the people who lived there. They pretended the people who worked there didn’t exist.

As far as anyone knew, no one from the town ever got a job in the building itself. A few intrepid souls got jobs as gardeners or deliverymen, but they were never allowed inside, and they said little about what, if anything, they saw.

But the town looked the other way when the night ambulance drove through the town to the Asylum gates. No one knew where the night ambulance came from or who it carried. No one wanted to know.

The night ambulance was seen only enroute to the Asylum and only after sunset. People who witnessed its passage had bad dreams and even fell silent for the following days.

On the night Hannah crept over the Asylum wall, many people found it difficult to sleep. Dogs paced in their homes. But even if the people got out of bed, frustrated and restless, almost no one looked in the Asylum’s direction.


3 responses to “May 30th. Resistant.

  1. Yikes, this is hair-raising! Only one day left, and then where will your readers be? I hope you are feeling well. You’ve been awfully silent on that issue.

    • Enough time has passed since the last chemo that I’m feeling fairly good. but I go back to chemo this week and will then feel icky for a few days. It’s an up and down ride–physically and emotionally.

      And part of me feels that I’ll just be whining if if I keep mentioning the chemo and everything. It sounds boring after a while. Like, in my real life I worry I’m talking it too much. Especially about losing my hair. I’ve hated losing my hair. Really hated it.

      But thank you for sticking with me here. I couldn’t wrap up the story in a month, but I’m glad I was able to write something.

      • I would hate to lose my hair, too. I confess to being a bit vain about it. It’s starting to gray, but I still like it. Still, it will be an all-new you when it comes back, and you will be the stronger and more empathetic for living through hard times.

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