May 26th. A long day.


Today was a long day. But I didn’t forget to write.

The lock clicked, and Hannah gently pushed the door. A little girl stared back at her. The girl was crouched at her door in the dark. She made no sound at all.

Hannah was struck by the brilliance of the girl’s blonde hair. Huge gold loops cascaded down her shoulders. The hair mesmerized, and Hannah wanted to touch it. She forgot where she was and what she was supposed to be doing.

“Hannah,” came Nurse Meredith’s voice. “Snap out of it.”

Hannah blinked. “What do I…”

“Move on to the next door,” Meredith said. “Don’t look. Open.”

Footsteps pounded on the floor above, rattling the light hanging from the ceiling. Hannah scooted away from the strangely unmoving, blonde girl.

Hannah’s hand shook as she picked the next lock. Behind her, Meredith opened doors on the other side of the hall. The nurse was faster. She had no need to look into the rooms.

At the first door Meredith opened, and young man bolted out. He ran down the hall. Hannah barely got a look at him. She turned her attention back to the next door to unlock. She held her breath when she gave it a push.

The light from the hall fell into the dark room. A scream burst from the blackness.

Hannah scrambled backwards, dropping the lockpick in the doorway.


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