May 23rd and the long weekend looms

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I’m afraid I’m writing myself into a corner. Oh well. There are worse things. Tomorrow I go in for blood work to find out how my white blood cell count is doing. It was too low a week ago. Also, this weekend, I’m taking my son to his regional speed skate competition. Somehow I will write something.

Nurse Meredith understood the Asylum better than any of security or management. She knew that the basement had grown so good at keeping secrets that it would hold any secret for anyone.

The basement cameras didn’t fool Meredith. She’d long ago understood how useless those cameras were.

That the intruder turned out to be a girl surprised her, but after a moment’s reflection, it made sense. Meredith noted the bag hanging from the girl’s shoulder. “How did you get that?”

The girl shrugged. “I found it.”

“You found it?” Meredith didn’t believe that. “What’s your name, you little fool?”


Meredith laughed. “You break in, you steal, but you don’t lie. You really are a fool. Well, come with me if you don’t want to disappear into this place forever.”

Hannah remined rooted to where she was. Her expression revealed her confusion and fear.

Meredith took Hannah’s hand. “You didn’t come here for peace and quiet, did you?”

Hannah shook her head. This was the chance she hadn’t known she wanted. “Come with me, Hannah the fool. Because I know your heart is bent on chaos.”


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