May 22nd and the end gets closer



Well, another day done. Whew.

Hannah’s first step out of the basement set off alarms. She darted straight back into the basement and the world went quiet. Crouched down behind the door, she tried to understand what just happened.

Slowly, she stood, opened the door again, and peered out. The halls were bright and clear. She moved one foot from the basement side of the door to the hallway side of the door. Nothing. She put more weight in her step. Sounds and lights and voices rang around her.

Hannah jumped back. Everything was silent again. She retreated further back into the basement and tried to sort out what was happening. Was the alarm going off even as she stood there but for some reason she couldn’t hear it? Did the alarm stop when she stepped into the basement? Either way, it seemed likely that they would figure out where she was. Unless the basement was hiding her.

But that made no sense.

All the same, she couldn’t understand why no one searched for her there. Hannah sighed. Nothing was going to happen if she continued to hide.

The basement door swung open. A nurse stared at her. “You,” the nurse said. “You cause this much trouble and then hide in here like a fool. Well, don’t worry. You’re about to see more trouble than you ever dreamed.”


3 responses to “May 22nd and the end gets closer

  1. You’ve had at least one more reader than you maybe knew all along. Mostly I’ve been following via smartphone (which discourages comments), but I finally stopped in via computer. Just wanted you to know that even (especially) on a second reading, I’m humbled and amazed by what you’ve pulled off this month. (Also embarrassed that I took the easy way out for Story a Day.) This is such a great story, and I’m delighted that you’re doing it as a continuing Perils-of-Pauline serial. This fits well with what you’re going through offline (don’t need to invent a whole new plot every day). Always looking forward to what the next day or night brings, here. Thanks so much for doing this.

    • I think your story series is harder to do. It would take me forever to do that.

      But thank you for reading. This is the hardest time I’ve ever had with a write-every-day challenge, but I feel better for doing it. That anyone reads it is just a lovely extra.

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