May 21st


I forgot an appointment and to have anything in the house for dinner, but I did write something.

Security left Nurse Meredith alone. Leaving a staff member under inquiry alone went against protocols, but it was well after mindnight and alarms were sounding.

Management was confident Meredith’s fear of further reprimand would keep her in check. Management had long begun to take certain things for granted.

Meredith looked around the office, her anger brewing. She’d worked too hard for too long, years of her life, for them to treat as a common miscreant. They dared to question her when her record was without blemish. All the messes she’d cleaned up and the needles and the screaming and the scratches and everything, and they’d let a one intruder bring it all to an end. She wasn’t about to be demoted.

They had taken her keys but had left them on the desk. She scooped them up and dropped them in her pocket. Let the intruder distract them, she reasoned. She knew how to cause real damage.


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