May 20th and my failed inner night owl

forest grass

Before surgeries and chemo, I was someone who easily stayed up until midnight. I’ve a night owl heart. I hate that it is 9:30 and I’m as tired as I am. I wait so long for the family to sleep so that I can write, and now I’m too tired. I went back to work today and I’ve got to have enough in me to get to work tomorrow.

Anyway, I stepped back from the inside of the Asylum, and thought I’d take a look on the outside. Just for one evening.

If the people in town looked, they’d have seen an unusual amount of light coming up from the trees where the Asylum stood. The Asylum preferred to stay disappear in the night. Few lights were ever noticed.

Most of the townspeople though were asleep or not looking in that direction. People considered looking in that direction to bring bad luck, and mothers sometimes scolded their children, “If you look too long, you’ll end up there.”

A few people noticed though. A homeless couple, a truck driver pulled over to the side of the road, and a father up with a colicky baby noticed. The wind seemed to change and they all thought back to stories from childhood. All those who were looking at the light from the woods felt as if their lives were about to change.


5 responses to “May 20th and my failed inner night owl

  1. Ah, the mythos rises!

    Liked looking at the surrounds of this weird, wonderful place you’ve discovered for us, Marta. I’m following your cake crumbs deeper in, no fear.

  2. Love your story lines, in and out of the asylum. I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award, because your blog is well… lovely. 🙂
    You will find the nomination here:
    If you want to participate, you should thank the nominator, reveal 7 unknown things about yourself, nominate 10 other bloggers you like, notify them and let them know the rules. Hope you feel better soon! Regards!

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