May 15th and very short


I feel miserable and have chemo tomorrow, so this is it. Maybe during chemo I can write though. That would be good.

Hannah found the file cabinet labled M. The lock on the cabinet was easily picked. She assumed her grandmother would be filed under M for Martin, but she realized that the filing system was not what she expected.

She stared at the file in her hand and wondered how she’d ever find her grandmother in this mess. She wasn’t paying attention to anything other than the thoughts in her own head when light flooded the room. She was caught.


3 responses to “May 15th and very short

  1. mapelba– easily understood when one knows your name, but I’ve meant to say before, how perfectly “fairy-tale” a name it is. Mapelba sounds like the name of a character you think at first might be a little evil, but then you find out she’s a good witch that could get in trouble over having helped you.

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