May 14th. Just keep writing.


I had hoped to write more, but I’m glad I’m writing something.

Hidden cameras watched from everywhere. The man in charge of watching the cameras at night often fell asleep. Nothing ever went wrong, and watching patients sleep got the better of him. The staff wasn’t much more interesting to keep an eye on either. Nurse Meredith followed all the protocols and kept her hat perfectly straight the whole night long. Orderlies were rarely called on. Security was rarely called.

Security had been called a little while before the camera monitor fell asleep. But security had a rule. Once they were called to a scene, they weren’t to be filmed. So, as soon as security approached the boys near the front gate, the monitor directed the cameras elsewhere. And he knew he wouldn’t be told anything.

When Hannah took the rope down the side of the wall, he was pouring himself coffee. When she knelt at the back door to pick the lock, he was texting his wife. After he realized security was set on the boys, he leaned back in his chair and dozed.

But when Hannah stood in the office and read the labels on cabinets, the alarm jolted him upright. The alarm to the office didn’t sound throughout the building. The alarm wasn’t meant to scare anyone away. The alarm was meant to spring traps.

He stared into the screen and saw Hannah’s shadowy figure at the file cabinets. He rang management. He knew they’d tar his hide for not seeing the girl sooner but he knew nothing would equal the chaos if the intruder wasn’t stopped.


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