May 13th for Story-a-Day May


Not quite halfway there. But almost.

The old woman got up from her bed and listened. She’d been waiting for years for this moment. She’d always believed this moment would come. Someone was in the hall and was about to set them all free.

The old woman dreamed every night that the doors would eventually be unlocked, but she never dreamed who the someone was or what would happen after that. All she knew was that she had to be ready.

Without turning on a light, the old woman found the slim knife she’d hidden away under the bed frame years ago. Sure no one had ever found it, she was none-the-less relieved when the blade fell into her hand. She’d not checked on it in a long time. Checking on things increased the risk of being found out. Never look at anything that was important. It attracted their attention.

From the wardrobe, she took out her boots. She didn’t change out of her nightdress. There wasn’t time. The knife she dropped into the side of her boot. The old woman knew that if she stepped out of her room, she’d never allow anyone to lock her away in anything other than her coffin.


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