May 11th


I couldn’t start writing until 11:15pm. So, since I’m trying to stick to the by-midnight time frame, this is all I’ve got.

No files in the courthouse and no book recorded the date the Asylum first opened its doors. No one knew. Rumor said two brothers founded the Asylum, and that the first people they locked away were their parents. Others said, no. A Frenchman founded the Asylum for his American wife so that she wouldn’t be ill all alone. A third rumor said that it began as a home for artists and writers, a retreat of sorts, and eventually it became a place for the artists and writer not to create but to regain their minds.

Hannah had her own ideas about the beginning of the Asylum. The rooms trapped the interesting and the different. That’s why the outsideworld felt boring and bland. Everyone of interest, like her grandmother, was locked away, and Hannah, walking down the dark hall with many locked doors on either side, decided the best thing she could do was set everyone free.


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