May 8th!


Tomorrow I should have more time to write. And I’ll try writing in the morning when I’m not so tired. Anyway, I wanted to move the boys off stage for a while. I thought this would do for the time being.

A few steps away from the front door, Nate punched the other boy in the arm. “What the hell, Flynt? Flynt? Where’d you come up with that? Oh, and you lie about your name, but tell her mine?” He made as if he would throw another punch. “You’re ten miles pass stupid. Do you know that?” He dropped his arm. “Damn.”

“Sorry.” Tommy rubbed his arm. “It was hard to think in there.”

“You can’t think anywhere!” Nate swung at the air and kick the dirt.

“Hey, you almost gave Hannah away. I didn’t do that.” Tommy marched ahead, still rubbing his arm where he’d been punched.

Neither boy noticed any other sounds. They were too angry and too jealous. Nate darted up behind Tommy. “And don’t you ever call me your brother again.”

“I thought it would be more believable.” The front gate wasn’t that far away. They were almost free of the place.

“You aren’t fit to have my brother’s name in your head. You know, I don’t know why Hannah spends two minutes with you.” Nate stalked behind Tommy as they approached the the gate. “You must remind her of a stray dog.”

Tommy stopped, and Nate crashed into him. “Leave Hannah out of this.”

“Leave her out? She’s the reason we’re here.” He steadied himself. He prepared himself to take another swing.

“Hannah’s the reason you…” Tommy’s voice trailed off. Five men stood a few yards away between the two boys and the gate. “Um, Nate,” he whispered.

“She called security after all. That harpy.” Nate spat. “To hell with them. What’s the worse they can do? Call our parents?” He bounced a bit from foot to foot as if he were in a boxing ring.

Nate shook his head. “They don’t look like the kind of adults who call parents.” And he was right.


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