Every fairy tale needs a …

What does a fairy tale need?

A princess? A prince? A witch?

A castle or a house made of candy?

An apple or a rose?

What makes a fairy tale a fairy tale? Fairies?

Must a fairy tale start once upon a time and end happily ever after?

Are fairy tales only for children?

Do you have a favorite fairy tale? Are you Disney, Andersen, or Grimm?


One response to “Every fairy tale needs a …

  1. I’d love to be Andersen or Hoffmann. Their tales are haunting and complex, and the happiness or sadness of their endings are ambiguous.

    Fairy tales were originally written by highly literate people for other highly literate people. They’ve gradually gotten mixed in with folk tales, fables, bedtime stories, and cautionary tales and then watered down for idealized children.

    For me, a fairy tale must have something fabulous touching something ordinary, and some form of transformation or deepened perception. Then I’m happy.

    Project Gutenberg has ALL of Andrew Lang’s rainbow books of fairy stories: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30580/30580-h/30580-h.htm

    Hoorah for the internet! 🙂

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