Story-a-Day: The End

The Head Nurse

I watch the inmates day and night.

I know things about them even they don’t know.

rumored to be the Asylum’s inner courtyard

I know who wants to see if I have eyes in the back of my head, but I’ve his ax, so he can imagine all he wants. I’ve nothing to fear.

I have everything that belongs to any of them and the only set of keys.

I will keep the keys and walk these halls until they catch her–the one I’ve been waiting for for years. On the day they bring her in, I’ll be here. And this wait will seem like nothing. Everything I’ve done will be worth it.

For a long time no one believed me when I told them she still lived. Murdered, everyone thought so. Clever my mother. She terrified with a blink of her eye. Why did anyone think a little unwanted girl and her brother could ever get the better of my mother? I never could, and I am my mother’s daughter.

Not that they believed she had a daughter. All she wanted was other people’s children. No one knew I existed.

They know I exist now. This place couldn’t run without me, and I don’t waste time with tricks, like walls made of cake and windows of spun sugar. I learned from others’ mistakes. Use real walls, and when you push someone into an oven, stay until you’ve proof they’ve burned.


Story-a-Day is over! It’s been fun. Now I need to decide what to do next.


10 responses to “Story-a-Day: The End

    • Thank you, Marian Allen. That’s encouraging to hear…though I don’t know anyone who would publish them…but then again I wouldn’t hurt to try.

  1. You are to be commended! Every dang day, rain or shine, hurts and wants, you made a post every day. And I mean this – your May posts are the start of a great collection!

  2. Yay — you did it! (He said, yawning in unsurprise. :))

    When you said you needed to decide what to do next, my thinking cap started to spark. But then I saw from your reply to Vanessa that the problem isn’t coming up with a new project, it’s selecting from among those already stacked up and circling the airport. Ah. You’re on your own with that… but you’ve shown consistently good sense in selecting projects so far — I’m not too worried!

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