Only a few stories left to go!

a found diary page

(Attached File Note: all diaries and elective writing are prohibited. Any and all prohibited writing must be reported immediately. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Staff and visitors are reminded that reading such writing without direct permission from the Head Nurse is also prohibited.)

…will steal it for me first. Funny how many of us want it. It’s a game, really. You can’t help but want it. It hangs there, red and begging to be touched, worn, used. I see the others looking at it, and some are even crazy enough to brush up against it when they walk by.

I can’t believe it belonged to a girl. A woman ought to wear it. A real woman. I mean, have you seen it?

Henry and I have to best chance though, I think. We don’t want to leave the building with it. That’s when they catch you, trying to leave the grounds, claiming to be sick and hunching over grabbing your contorted belly. Yes! People try all kinds of things in here. Head Nurse thinks she’s got the patients and us under her control. Ha. Not every single minute, she doesn’t.

I know it’s wrong. I know. But does it really matter? As Henry said, everything we see every day, everything we deal with, don’t we deserve just a few moments of fun? A little fantasy? Oh, I can’t wait to feel it wrapped around my shoulders. Henry says he can’t wait to see me in it. Of course, we’ll be in the basement, so we may not see that much!

What’s the worse that could happen? We get a letter in our files? We get fired? That Head Nurse. She doesn’t control me.


2 responses to “Only a few stories left to go!

  1. “Henry,” hmm? Did you by any chance watch any of the Once Upon a Time TV series over the past season???

    Love that phrase “elective writing.” Did you make it up? (It sounds like actual officialese jargon; it almost sniffs disdainfully.) Of course, there are times when I think to myself: Why would anyone ELECT to write ANYTHING they didn’t have to? What am I, CRAZY?!?

    • I’ve never watched Once Upon a Time actually–though I probably should. Henry happens to be the name of the boy who is the fastest skater on our speed team in my son’s age group, and it is my son’s goal to be faster than him. Every once in a while my son manages to beat him, but not often and usually only when Henry isn’t paying full attention. And for reasons other than that, this Henry tends to have a reputation for trouble. So, I just used that name. In rewrites I’ll likely change it.

      As for “elective writing,” I guess I made it up. It sounded jargon-y. And there is elective surgery and such.

      And yes, we are all crazy here.

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