Story-a-Day will reach the end one way or another…

photo believed to be from the Asylum–possibly the door to the nurses’ office

From Contractor Interview Log

All businesses wishing to form contracts with the Aylsum must undergo the proscribed interview and vetting process. Contracts are non-negotiable and include mandatory non-disclosure agreements.

Interview Subject: Mirror Repair and Maintenance Representative


Trained at the Perrault Institute in France. (The Asylum recognizes the Institute as exemplary although there have been issues with graduates from the Institute in the past. Take under advisement.)

Mirror representative claims not to know or have any relation to any Asylum patients. Claims patient #12 is not his niece although some records to a family name in common. Cannot confirm relationship.

Representative has been approved on provisional basis. Has been informed that patient #12 is in seclusion and Asylum rules prohibit patient #12 from contact with mirrors or any reflective surfaces. Contract states clearly that all patients are not to be approached,

The contract under consideration is limited to the Head Nurse who has filed numerous complaints regarding her new and top-of-the-line mirror. Standard maintenance unable to identify problem.

Let it be stated for the record that the Head Nurse was provided said mirror as an exception to standard operating procedures regarding mirrors and other objects of value. The Head Nurse has earned this privilege for years of dedicated service. The mirror will be monitored at all times.

All staff are reminded that patient #12 must not be informed of the mirror or of the repair company’s representative.

All staff are also reminded that excessive displays of vanity are prohibited. A review of the staff code of conduct and dress code forthcoming.


3 responses to “Story-a-Day will reach the end one way or another…

    • Specifically I had the mirror from Snow White in mind–and it is the Queen’s vanity that leads her to attempt to murder her step-daughter. And in other fantastical stories, myths, other fairy tales mirrors and reflections are long thought to posses magic powers. There are even traditions in some places of mirrors revealing the future–not to mention the bad luck they may bring. So, if you had a magic mirror, you’d need to take extreme care of it.

  1. I wasn’t terribly worried that you might NOT reach the end, one way or another, but I’m glad that you’ve come around to relaxing a little about it, too. 🙂

    The (doctored? (ha, no pun)) photos you’ve recently included would make excellent illustrations (and probably a heck of a lot easier to do that way than to do than, like, the beautiful ink-and-scissors handicraft approach). They make the place seem (rightly) sinister, especially because the captions reflect uncertainty. it’s like some patient, or a staffer, has smuggled a camera or cellphone and is dropping the photos from a window, hoping someone will pick ’em up.

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