Story-a-Day in the Asylum

Room after room…

another Inmate

Can I tell you a secret? This is just a misunderstanding. I never sleep well. Never have. Even on a cloud I’d toss and turn. It’s not my fault everyone misunderstood one night of bad sleep. I wasn’t lying. I wasn’t pretending to be something I’m not. My mother-in-law–well, okay so she wasn’t my mother-in-law at the time–took one little comment and blew it all out of proportion. She didn’t even know me, so who’s to blame really?

Can I help it that she carried away by a superstition? Of course I went along with her. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. You’d do the same thing, would you? I wasn’t raised in a barn after all. The hostess is always right. That’s how I was raised.

It’s totally unfair to be blamed for a simple misunderstanding. I shouldn’t be here because she had such high expectations. You try meeting such expectations. You might end up in here too.

I’ve learned my lesson though. When a fella’s mother decides from day one to put you through strange weird tests to prove your worth, she will never stop. Run away, girls. Run away.

All I wish for these days is one good night’s sleep. Don’t laugh. A good night sleep could’ve saved me a lifetime of trouble.


I thought about tagging these “stories” with the titles of the fairy tales they’re inspired by. But I wanted to see if anyone would could tell without me revealing the fairy tale directly. Well, those who know their fairy tales. Maybe knowing doesn’t matter.


2 responses to “Story-a-Day in the Asylum

  1. I do wonder sometimes — about WHICH fairy tale a post is based on, I mean. But then I dismiss the question, because I just don’t know as many fairy tales as I used to think I did. For what it’s worth, the only one I can think this one might have come from is “The Princess and the Pea” — not because I get all the references (if there are any), but because it’s the only fairy tale I know which is about a young woman unable to sleep on a particular night.

  2. It is indeed inspired by “The Princess and the Pea.” And even though I quite like fairy tales and have a few books of them, I can’t claim to know that many/ Maybe many than the average person (don’t know), but there are just a lot more fairy tales in the world than I used to realize.

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