Story-a-Day: Entering the Asylum

The story-a-day challenge continues…in this oddball way…

The Intake Procedure

All new inmates enter in through the front doors. (Should at any time the inmate be allowed to leave the grounds and reenter, said inmate must use side door.)

Hair checked and cut to a respectable length. Length is to be noted in the log and growth pace measured regularly. See The Book for other hair processes.

Inmate encouraged to fill out the necessary forms. Inmate refusing to answer name and age questions will be marked and dealt with at a later time–decided upon by the head nurse.

Dietary requirements are noted. No special requests accepted.

Clothing, especially shoes, must be checked for any abnormal qualities. Uniform assigned.

A doctor must determine inmate’s unique needs. Rooms are designed according to doctor’s instructions–no exceptions.

Monitoring requirements must be in writing before inmate may be left alone at any time for any reason. Orderlies reminded that inmates can be deceptive and unpredictable. Minimum communication recommended without the guidance of an Asylum board approved doctor.

All staff is reminded of the danger posed at all times until the new inmate is secure. Never under any circumstances during the intake procedure allow an inmate to sing, recite a poem, or tell a story.


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