Stories from the Asylum…

I come from a long line of dealmakers. My grandfather gave my mother to a king betting she could turn straw into gold. (Kings will believe anything, won’t they? I love them.) My mother bet my life for the help of an imp. Well, she won, so it all worked out in the end.

But I’m the best dealmaker in the family. I’ve sold my daughters for gold and my soul twice to the devil. (There is nothing better than gold, and I just like to screw with the devil–it’s a family tradition.)

Now they’re trying to stop me. I’m too smart, too clever, and they’re afraid of what I can do. That’s why they locked me up. They say I went too far. The doctors claim my daughters went to the police, but that’s not true. They wouldn’t. My deal provided them everything–palaces and gold. They’d never have to work.

My mother visits everyday. She keeps me strong. She’s talking to the doctor right now as we speak. She’ll have this all worked out.


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