Story-a-Day: from the Asylum

From an Inmate

They don’t allow us to see our files, but my nurse showed me mine anyway. She knows the truth about me even if the doctors refuse to see it.

The notes said I have a narcissistic personality. This proves what I’ve long said–this place is run by fools. I’ve tried to explain it to them, but they don’t listen.

If they accepted the truth that I’m a prince, the rest of their so-called diagnosis would crumble away. I’m everything a prince should be, but some people refuse to understand their place in the universe has been diminished.

When small minded people reject fundamental truths, many things go awry. Their case against me would vanish. Of course for an ordinary person to enter a stranger’s home uninvited to kiss the prettiest daughter when she is sleeping is terrible. Of course it is assault. Of course it is criminal. And if I were a criminal, I’d say arrest me. I would. You have my word of honor.

But I’m a prince, and even you can see how their case against me falls apart in light of this fact. So many young ladies in this world are vulnerable, and who else will free them if not me?

I’m simply fulfilling my proper role. I’ll stop when I find my princess. Of course I’ll stop. Who wouldn’t be satisfied to find his princess?


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