Story-a-Day: From the Asylum

New Inmate Admission Notes:

New Inmate insists on keeping statue of young girl in his room. He claims the statue is pure gold, though the doctor assures us the statue is concrete covered only in gold leaf and of no significant value. As per regulations and treatment plan, the inmate will not be allowed to keep the statue (which for reasons unknown to staff makes him cry every time he looks at it). Per doctor’s instructions the statue will not be kept in the asylum’s personal items storeroom. The doctor says she will take care of the statue herself.

Also, please note: all staff are forbidden to touch the inmate, and the inmate must wear his specially designed gloves at all times.

Written as part of May’s Story-A-Day series (and also written while suffering from migraine).


4 responses to “Story-a-Day: From the Asylum

    • I haven’t had a migraine is years. I rarely get them. But spending too much time taking down a popcorn ceiling, sanding, painting, stressing, and staying up too late…not the best combination.

  1. I love this. (poor Inmate!)

    The whole theme is great. Keep writing, please! And well done for writing through the migraine.

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