A Story a Day…from the asylum

A Story: Room One

They won’t let me have my cloak back, but the nurse hangs it from a hook I can see from the tiny window in my door. One of the orderlies always touches the red velvet every time he goes by. I shall tell Wolf.

Do you know Story-a-Day in May?

I’m struggling through exam week at work, moving into a house (our first house ever!), getting my son ready for regional speed skate competition, illustrating a children’s book, helping promote Plum Tree Books, and doing laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, walking the dogs…you know, living like everyone else.

But I love Story-a-Day.

I’ll post them–in all their first draft horror–here, and–because I like to have a theme to keep on track–the stories will come from the Fairy Tale Asylum. The inmates, so to speak.

Join me please!


7 responses to “A Story a Day…from the asylum

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  2. Finally plowing through these. I’ve always loved your “asylum” concept and have been excited to see you actively working at it this month! (Especially since you do have a few other things on your mind. :))

    • To be honest I feel slightly masochistic writing these things, but I also feel compelled. Thanks for reading. Once this move is over I hope I can get back to reading my favorite blogs (um, you know, like yours).

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