Asked any stupid questions lately?

I’m not a genius. If you really think about it, do you know any real geniuses?

Well, anyway, I say dumb things all the time. So, since most of us are not immune to saying stupid things, perhaps we ought to be more understanding of the stupid things other people say. Maybe?

But that is hard.

And there is a scale of dumb.

I teach adults from other countries, so keep that in mind.

The other day one of my students said–after a discussion about a controversial Supreme Court ruling–“At least it is better than in Mexico.” She is from Mexico and her family has experience criminal violence firsthand. Well, yeah. Sure. But I didn’t think that should be the standard.

She insisted that even our bad laws were better than Mexico, so we should not complain.

What? So, as long as things are better than Mexico, we’re good?

The next day this student said, “What I said yesterday was stupid. I can’t believe I said that.”

Well, I would’ve said illogical. (Are stupid and illogical the same thing?)

But then there was the student in another class. We watched the first episode of the BBC’s Sherlock. Have you seen it? A student asked if Sherlock was hypnotized.


Then she asked if the serial killer’s deadly game was a real game.

I should hope not.

This same student once had to be told the tiny men in the tea leaves in a short story were not real men. It is not real?


But we’ve all asked stupid questions. Asked or been asked any good ones lately?


4 responses to “Asked any stupid questions lately?

  1. Oh man, I’m the queen of sticking her foot in her mouth. I finally figured out why, after reading about my Myers-Briggs personality type (INFJ). It makes me feel better, but still stupid. Basically it said that INFJs tend to make connections that others don’t, and while sometimes this can be really useful to solve problems and such, a lot of times we miss the obvious connections. Since I have a somewhat blurting quality to go with it, I’m always asking dumb questions.

    • Oh, I want to say every question is worth asking, but I worked too much retail. Although, to be fair, most “stupid” questions were really just poorly asked questions. For example, the person who asked, “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” really meant, “What time does the 3 o’clock parade reach this point?”

      And if someone doesn’t know something, they should ask. Always.

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