How can they be so nice?

We went to pick up our house key today. You see, we’ve bought a house. It’s our first house. The sellers have been leasing back from us for over a month, but soon the house will be ours.

One reason we went to the house was to have the sellers explain the washing machine. The husband is worried that the movers will drop their washing machine, so he’d rather buy a new one and let the old one stay with the house. Well, it isn’t that old. It is a nice machine, and we saw it work, and it is good. Because the sellers are blind, the washing machine is also in braille. I think it is cool to have a washing machine in braille! (There is writing too, so we won’t be lost, by the way.)

They’re also giving us their lawn mower. We’ve used it once and it works well.

Then the husband asked us if our son liked remote control cars. Oh, you bet he does.

So, the husband said he was going to leave our son two remote control cars. He’s going to put one in the bedroom closet and the other in the living room. They’ll be a surprise.

You walk into the house and it has a good feeling. A good vibe. That is probably mumbo jumbo, but still… The sellers are very nice people.

We are going to love our house.


4 responses to “How can they be so nice?

  1. That sounds like a great start to your new home! I don’t think a good feeling/vibe is mumbo jumbo at all. I think we’ve all heard stories of people moving out of houses taking every last light bulb and curtain fitting with them, so it’s nice to hear of people leaving more than they have to! I hope you’ll be very happy there, I’m sure you will.

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